Saturday, November 6, 2010

Venice, Italy

What can I say.. the BEST pasta and pizza I've ever had.
From Munich we took a train and arrived in Venice.
It's one the of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. VERY romantic.
Everything looks fake it's so pretty.
Did I mention the food was amazing??? HAHA

Pasta, cannoli's, pizza and gelato.. Yes please?

Eating on the canal (above).. We were blessed with beautiful weather:)
Bobby and I went out one night to see Venice's nightlife and got LOST. So scary!! We kept running into water and had NO CLUE where we were. We ended up finding our hotel and having pizza and beer close by (pictured below). I don't recommend getting lost at night.. Venice is confusing HAHA

The gondola ride is a must when you visit Venice.. It's amazing to see the buildings and little channels through the city.
Next stop was ROME.. Did I mention they have beer and wine on the train?? (pictured above)

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